Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener Review

In this Oregon chainsaw sharpener review, we’ll cover the features, price, and size of this chainsaw grinder. We’ll also discuss the grinding speed and the built-in light. This model is ideal for small jobs and is a good option for those who need a quick sharpening job. But, is it really worth the price? What are the pros and cons? What should you look for?


An Oregon chainsaw sharpener comes with three grinding wheels and a dressing brick. This chainsaw sharpener is also equipped with a quick template for sharpening the chain quickly. The design of this chainsaw sharpener is ergonomic and sturdy, and it features a ridged handle and rubberized grips for comfort. It is ideal for sharpening a wide variety of chainsaws, from garden to professional grade.

The Oregon Sure Sharp is equipped with an easy-to-follow English manual. It has a powerful motor that runs at an optimal 25, 000 rpm. Its shank lock feature makes replacing the stones easy. Its durable design and easy-to-replace-stones feature ensure years of efficient use. Unlike a manual sharpener, the Oregon chainsaw sharpener comes with an auto-restart option, so you can use it when you’re working on a tough job.


The mid-sized bench grinder from Oregon is a great value when it comes to quality and functionality. It features a dressing brick, a profile guide, two grinding wheels, and a flat profile disc. It can sharpen up to.404″ pitch chain. This tool comes with a built-in light and one-way motor rotation. It can sharpen both ends of chain. The Oregon mid-sized bench grinder is capable of sharpening chainsaws up to.404″ pitch.

If you plan to use your chainsaw frequently, consider purchasing an electric sharpener. These tools are faster and more accurate than manual sharpeners and are designed for ease of use. The Oregon 410-120 Chain Grinder is a good choice for beginners as it has easy-to-use features. If you are a heavy user, however, you may want to purchase an Oregon manual sharpener with an automatic depth gauge.


You may be surprised to know that there is more than one size for an Oregon chainsaw sharpener. In order to get the most effective sharpening results, you need to know how to choose the right file for the chainsaw you own. There are several factors to consider, including chainsaw pitch and blade angle. Chainsaws have different pitch sizes, and the ideal file size is based on the chainsaw pitch. Pitch is measured by dividing the distance between three rivets by two. In general, chainsaws have a pitch of either 3/8-inch, 0.325-inch, or 0.425-inch. The smallest pitch is 1/4-inch.

If you own a medium-sized or large bench grinder, you may want to invest in an Oregon chainsaw sharpener size. Generally, the larger size works best for larger chainsaws. The smaller size is for small and medium-sized chainsaws. You may also want to consider the Oregon Professional (520-120) if you regularly sharpen chainsaws. This unit features hydraulic clamping and a hands-free assist.

Grinding speed

The Oregon chainsaw sharpener features two grinding wheels, a dressing brick and a profile guide. It is portable and powered by the car’s battery. This tool is faster than a file, but it requires some practice. To learn how to use it, watch a YouTube video. It is great for sharpening chainsaws with high volume. However, you should make sure you have enough space for it.

The Oregon chainsaw sharpener has three grinding wheels, one for each side of the chain. The wheels measure 5 inches in diameter and a third for the base. The chain clamp makes the process quick and easy. The sharpener’s three wheels run at a maximum speed of 3,400 RPM. It includes an AC adapter and a profile guide. Regardless of the size of the chainsaw, this tool will get the job done fast.

Battery life

If you’re thinking of buying an Oregon chainsaw sharpener, you may be wondering about its battery life. Oregon’s 40V Chain Saw is battery powered and is a great choice if you’re looking for a battery-powered option. Its powerful motor and low noise levels make it a great choice for a job site because it requires no gasoline or cords to operate. Other benefits include an instant start and long run time. Plus, the Oregon chainsaw sharpener features its PowerSharp(tm) system, which will ensure that your chains stay honed for a long time.

Besides being able to operate the Oregon chainsaw sharpener on a rechargeable battery, the sharpener can also run on a spare battery. It doesn’t have to be a high-grade battery, but it should be one that can start a car. However, don’t let the battery’s rating fool you, because even a duff one can keep a charge for a day. Also, remember to connect a good fuse in series to avoid the battery from dumping too many amps through a dodgy motor.


When you need to sharpen your chainsaw, the Oregon chainsaw sharpener is a must-have tool. This portable device comes with 3 grinding wheels so that you can sharpen different sizes of blades. It includes a dressing brick, depth gauge, and wheel contour. The Oregon chainsaw sharpener is also a worthwhile investment for regular users of your chainsaw. It is not cheap, but it does deliver the results you need.

The Oregon Sure Sharp uses a powerful motor that runs at 25, 000 rpm. It comes with a shank lock for easy replacement. It also blows fuses in cars and is a bit heavy. However, it is a great option for those who don’t have the luxury of space or want to sharpen their chainsaws frequently. Despite its portability, this model still produces top-notch sharpness.

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