Ryobi Chainsaw Reviews – 18 Inch

If you’re looking for a chainsaw to cut down small branches, you might want to check out a Ryobi chainsaw. The Ryobi chainsaw has a safe starting system, which means you can only activate the throttle trigger when you press the lockout button. The saw is lightweight, weighing 6.5 pounds without the battery. It also comes with a Lithium+ battery, hex key, and a protective bar and chain cover. Generally, online reviews of this chainsaw are good. Most of them say that this chainsaw is easy to use and delivers good results on cutting small branches.


One of the great things about Ryobi chainsaws is their lightweight design. Unlike some chainsaws, they are easy to handle and are priced similar to other, bulkier saws. Most of these saws are easy to use and have adequate power for most tasks. As the company has been in the chainsaw business for six decades, their products have been very popular, but many customers have been unsatisfied with their customer service and the quality of their chainsaws.

The ten-inch bar makes it easy to buck branches and cut smaller trees with ease. One drawback to a Ryobi chainsaw is its battery life. A two-hour battery lasts only a couple of hours, so it’s best to purchase a new battery when the first one dies. In addition, older batteries aren’t as durable as new ones, and the saw may stop in the middle of a cut if the battery runs low.


Ryobi chainsaws are a great tool to own, but a good one should be safe for any homeowner. These chainsaws are not gas engines, so they are not as powerful. The chainsaws do not make any claims as to whether they are comparable to gas models, but they are definitely in the top tier of battery-powered chainsaws. In addition, they are lightweight, weighing in at 9.9 pounds when the bar is attached and 14.4 pounds when the bar is attached. In addition to a good battery, a Ryobi chainsaw is also covered by a three-year warranty.

One of the benefits of Ryobi chainsaws is that they are easy to use, with relatively low RPM. These saws are often priced similar to larger, heftier chainsaws, but they are designed to be easy to operate. Despite these advantages, many customers have reported that they are unhappy with the customer service and quality of Ryobi chainsaws. The company also does not have a great reputation for customer service, and that is something to consider before buying.


The Ryobi chainsaw series offers users a number of options, including a high-powered, hard-heating chainsaw. The company specializes in lightweight, high-capacity machinery, and their chainsaws rival those of gas-powered rivals. The chainsaws are available in a wide variety of features, from variable speed triggers to hard-heating motors, and the company stands by their products with a 3-year warranty on hand-held products.

The 18-inch chainsaw is an ideal intermediate length for both beginners and professionals. It’s powerful enough to cut down medium-sized trees, even those with difficult wood, and can chop up enough wood for a week’s worth of firewood. These chainsaws are simple to purchase and maintain, and you can purchase them online. However, you should remember that shopping online doesn’t always give you full trust in the product.


The quality of a Ryobi chainsaw is a major concern for many homeowners, but the advantages of this tool outweigh any disadvantages. Its 40v battery delivers a consistent cutting power, and it is lighter than a comparable gas chainsaw. It also has a push button start, which makes it easier to use for longer periods without fatigue. The saw is quiet, too, which makes it a great choice for the average homeowner.

Although Ryobi makes well-made chainsaws, there are a few things to look for when purchasing a new tool. Despite its light weight and easy-to-use design, its powerful engines have limited power, making it necessary to wear ear protection and use ear protection. The company has been a leading name in electric products for more than six decades, but despite this reputation, some customers have been dissatisfied with the quality of their products and service.

Customer service

If you’re looking for a good chainsaw, look no further than a Ryobi. Their chainsaws are lightweight and easy to use, and they are typically in the same price range as more powerful and heftier models. They also typically have ample power and cutting capacity, so they’re great for smaller jobs as well as the more experienced woodworker. Ryobi has been around for over six decades, and their chainsaws have a reputation for good quality, but sometimes less than stellar customer service.

If you’re looking for a Ryobi chainsaw, remember that you can buy replacement parts. It’s possible to purchase more powerful batteries than the ones included with your chainsaw. Make sure that the batteries you purchase are compatible with the ones you already have. If you’re running out of power, you can even purchase two of the same kind so you can change batteries without stopping your work. The battery chargers in these saws are easy to swap out and have them charged at the same time.

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