Stihl Chainsaw Reviews

If you want to buy the best chainsaw in the market, there are a few factors that you must consider. These factors include Price, Features, Comfort, and Fuel efficiency. Read on to find out how to choose a Stihl chainsaw that suits your needs. You can also check out other reviews to see which products are the best and which ones aren’t. After all, you can’t just buy any chainsaw and expect it to work perfectly.


The advanced features of Stihl chainsaws are designed for optimal performance and maximum user safety. Features such as the Ematic ™ Lubrication System deliver optimum lubrication and reduce oil consumption. The Ematic lubrication system includes two ramps in the guide bar rail to contain oil flow and direct it to the sliding faces of the bar. The result is reduced oil consumption by 50%. Side-Access Chain Tensioner allows the operator to adjust the chain without removing the handle.

The Stihl MS 261 C-M chainsaw is made in the USA. Its fuel efficiency mirrors the MS 261, with a few added comfort features. One such feature is the M-Tronic engine management system. This small computer regulates the fuel mixture and monitors the quality of the fuel. The machine also has heated handles. These are some of the many features that make STIHL chainsaws so user-friendly.


If you are considering purchasing a Stihl chainsaw, you may be wondering how to find the price. First of all, you must purchase it from an authorized dealer. These dealers sell Stihl chainsaws directly to consumers. You can’t buy these chainsaws on the Internet because Stihl doesn’t sell them on their website. This brand believes in the face-to-face experience, so you may not be able to find their price on the internet.

If you want a chainsaw that can easily handle cutting large branches and heavy trees, you should consider buying a Stihl. The MS 170 is a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver chainsaw that weighs less than 9 pounds. Moreover, this chainsaw features a unique anti-vibration handle that prevents fatigue and keeps the chainsaw working efficiently. Moreover, this chainsaw also features an automatic chain lubricator.

Fuel efficiency

While most chainsaws use gasoline as their fuel source, Stihl has found a way to make their saws even more efficient. This chainsaw uses a mixture of 50 parts gasoline to one part oil. This ratio is much more efficient than many other brands, which typically require more than twice as much fuel. In addition to their gasoline-only models, Stihl chainsaws also use E-Mix fuel, which is pre-mixed. MotoMix contains the right ratio and eliminates the hassle of mixing fuel in the first place.

The Stihl MS 391 mid-range chain saw features STIHL’s advanced low-emission engine technology. It improves fuel efficiency by as much as 20% and requires fewer air filter changes, reducing maintenance and cost. This means that you can run your Stihl chainsaw longer, saving time and money while performing your work. In addition to this, the MS 391 features STIHL’s latest engine technology, which allows it to be lighter than its MS 311 cousin. With its optimal power-to-weight ratio, this saw is perfect for big jobs.


The Comfort of Stihl chainsaws is one of the benefits of owning one. Comfort features vary among models, but many of them have the same main benefits. The first is the ability to handle the chainsaw easily. This is achieved through the ergonomically designed seat. The second benefit is the surprisingly low vibration level. A STIHL chainsaw with a vibration level of only 3.5 m/s2 is a lot more comfortable to use.

The MS 462 C-M saw has an auto-adjustment system that adjusts for changes in the operating environment, such as altitude and fuel quality. This means less vibration, and less fatigue for the user. An improved fuel-efficiency rating is another advantage of the MS 462 C-M chainsaw. This chainsaw is the most fuel-efficient chainsaw in the market, and it’s a great tool for professional loggers and foresters.

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